Campfire Tales, 2012

Planted in Nashville, TN, and blooming in Lexington, KY, Campfire Tales: A Collaborative Storytelling Experience is an interactive storytelling exhibition that invites and unites music, theatre, literature, arts, and performance under one collaborative canopy. An installation by Lindsey Bailey and Megan Kelley, Campfire Tales explores the land between childhood and adulthood through the sharing of oral traditions. Seeking to draw out folktales, songs, narratives, and adventures, through the use of environmental props and sculptures, Campfire Tales is rooted in ideas of play and connection: the sense of enthusiasm and liveliness observed when children discover and interact with new things, and how we as adults foster this exploration through our own involvement. Participants can draw, write, act out, or tape record their stories, which are shared online as the exhibit grows, and are encouraged to story tell with those around them.

Installation, performance, staging, recording, mixed media

Megan Kelley

Lexington Art League Project Space at The Loudoun House, Lexington, KY