Twizzle Sequence, 2018

The Christine Slayden Tibbott Gallery is pleased to present Twizzle Sequence, the artwork of mixed-media artist Lindsey Bailey. As an arts educator, Lindsey has taught art extensively in the United States and internationally in Singapore and Doha, Qatar. Her work has appeared in numerous exhibitions around the world.

Lindsey creates environments which are themed in connection, play, and alternate possibilities. Her work allows the viewer to interact with props and imagery that evoke questions around identity, cultural inclusion, and globalization. Her material choices stem from her attraction to celebrations, hyper colors, and craft-based supplies. Unconventional items from home and various supply stores offer exciting textures and unique combinations.

She says that working with young people on a regular basis is a huge inspiration for her. “I am delighted by failure, happy accidents, and alternative possibilities. It increases the chance that something new and exciting might happen.”

Lindsey currently teaches art at the Brookwood School in Thomasville, GA. She will be at USN on May 3rd and 4th to collaborate with the 6th grade Exploring 3d Art class and introduce improv costuming to the 6th grade Theater class.

Found Objects, Fabric, Felt, Yarn, Photography, Clay