Origami Hut Bedok Arts Village, 2014

The Bedok community came together to create this woven structure, a kaleidoscope-like artwork of woven donated fabrics and clothing. The workshops were largely intergenerational: the senior members of the community did a good portion of the cutting/fabric yarn making, while the children in the community did most – if not all – of the weaving.

Play became a major theme for this piece. In order for the work to come together, the participants had to play with one another in order to weave the piece together: tossing balls of fabric to one another, climbing up ladders, taking on the role of Spider-Man even, in some cases. Play can be an amazing uniter of communities, encouraging laughter, trust, friendship, and a softness in our personalities that can not be found through any other method of interaction.


Bedok Community Space, Singapore

Parties I worked with: 
Bedok Community Club
PAssion Arts