#bangagitatetransitrepeat, 2016

#bangagitatetransitrepeat is a personal homage—of my emotional and physical response—to living and working abroad over the past four years. Sounds, smells, and colors, combined with discovery, confusion, and adventure have inspired a new excitement and energy in me and how I approach my studio work.

Building relationships and connecting to people is extremely important to me. In both Singapore and Qatar, and all of the places that I traveled in between, building relationships was a way for me to make friends, build a community, and better learn about the culture. In an attempt to synthesize living in new parts of the world, I have turned to performance, video, and my interest in spectacle as starting points for making art.

I am fascinated by cultural similarities and differences, and critiquing identity and belonging. Along with building relationships and community connections, it is important for me to invite people into my artwork physically. People bring another kind of energy to an art piece. It’s more than just having a person interact with or climb into a piece. It’s navigating their reactions to the work in conjunction to them interacting to an art piece that I find intriguing. Terms that inspire my current artwork are nomadism, global perspective, and dislocation.

My process involves a lot of play and a vibrant energy. I want my artwork to energize the space or the space to be active itself. Bright colors have energy, pattern and collections of stuff have energy, people invited into the space contribute energy.

I am delighted by failure, happy accidents, and alternative possibilities. Engaging people in this type of environment not only activates the space in which I work, but it increases the chance that something new and exciting might happen.

Video, photography, costuming, performance, mixed media, relics, spices, tea, fabric

Participants Included new friends met in Qatar: Shelly, Jess and Trey, Olu, George, Doreenda, Gianna and Aleka. Images and video shot on location in: Sri Lanka, India, Qatar, Nepal, Oman, Singapore, Borneo, and more.