Hello 2022 and welcome to my new website!

I am so excited to be regaining focus and excitement about things! I feel like these last two years have left me increasingly bored and wanting more. Of everything. I am very thankful to have continued health during the pandemic. But, it has been a slog! Have you ever planned an international move with a dog and cat during a global pandemic? It’s not advised. All together, I spent about $17,000 USD. Partially due to Covid and partially due to moving two pets and all of the legalities that needed to be in place for that to happen. And then I had to turn around and buy a car . . . Which was brand new and overpriced (also due to Covid).

I keep reading the last New Year’s post that I wrote (two years ago) and I was so positive going into 2020 . . . I’m not sure it will get easier anytime soon. Isn’t it always the way that things get harder before they get easier?? Living in China was not easy. And, the field of teaching is an incredibly complicated place to be in the States. But, here I am, trying to push through as much as I can!

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” – Christopher Reeve

Anyways! On this new website, you will be able to order books, have access to lesson plans, read about fun things, and view lots of images! You can sign up to be on my email list to the right of this post. Once a month, I will send out a quick newsletter with updates on my teaching, artmaking, and life. >> First time subscribers will receive a downloadable piece of art created in collaboration with my students and just for you! Come along for the ride, won’t you?!

Go. Make. Fun.