Deliciously Happy, 2011 – 2012

Deliciously Happy features partnerships with students from three Nashville-area schools: the University School of Nashville, Bordeaux Elementary, and Lead Academy. In tandem with sculpture students from Belmont University, students from each school constructed stories and created coordinating performance paraphernalia as part of an installation being featured at Belmont University.

Funds were raised for Deliciously Happy through a Kickstarter campaign in November 2011. Contributions helped to fund 12 of 24 workshops, a documentary film crew, and transportation for the students to attend the gallery opening so they can see their work and speak with the people attending the opening. A portion of the contributions also went towards publishing a book (which I am still working on), including all the lesson plans, example artwork, and documentation; and the student, educator, and community responses to the projects. The book will be made available to schools and organizations so that more youth can participate in performance- based workshops. More details can be found here.

Gallery 121 at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee

Parties I worked with:
Project video created by Allie Sultan
LEAD Academy
Bordeaux Elementary
University School of Nashville
Belmont University’s Gallery 121
Belmont University
Harold Love