I believe that art making is collaborative and transgresses cultural, economic, and generational boundaries. In the classroom, art is an excellent tool for diversion and escaping negative realities. Its transformative power helps people be receptive to new information and experiences, leading to positive change and personal growth. Assisting young people in creative work helps them to begin to accomplish goals, live a more positive life, and to realize their ideas. High-quality in- and out-of-school art making opportunities keeps youth engaged in positive programs, thereby improving academic, social, physical, and emotional outcomes for young people. 

As a teacher, my goal is to improve student learning while energizing my students’ spirit and allowing them to see life in different and creative ways. I create curriculum that goes beyond rudimentary guidelines to foster creativity and empower students through experiential learning, idea creation, process, and conversations that extend beyond art and the classroom. By incorporating engaging group discussions, movement, music, literature, technology, and games, I facilitate lessons where I stimulate and help students discover and learn. 

Lindsey Bailey is an absolute delight to work with because of her ability to collaborate with both children and adults equally. She continuously inspired the students with a lovely blend of her ideas, my ideas, and most importantly, the children’s imaginations and work.
— Camilla Spadafino, art teacher at Lockeland